Bowie2001 is many things. It may even be what you are looking for.

It’s a compilation of brand new remixes of many Bowie songs. It is also, a non-stop continuous mixpiece comprising those remixes and other Bowie moments. And yet it is a movie, a re-imagined re-edited version of 2001, synchronised to this mixpiece.

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The Mixpiece

A non-stop coninuous mix of all the remixed tracks, with sounds from the movie and other Bowie songs. An ambient journey into the world of Dr. Dave Bowie, through the eyes and ears of Fritz von Runte.

The edited version comprises mainly the Bowie2001 remixes. The 100 minutes full version is the complete soundtrack of the movie which includes a few hidden gems.

The movie

Bowie2001 - A Space Oddity. Starman telling the story of starchild. Ziggy covered in moon-dust geysering into the vacuum of space. The Thin White Duke's pursuit of a wide black monolith. Major Tom killing Nathan Adler's electro-mechanical reincarnation as HAL 9000.

The full-feature film, a complete re-interpretation of Kubrick's 2001 to match Fritz von Runte's re-interpretation of Bowie songs.

The Remix CD

The collection of Bowie tracks re-imagined and re-mixed by Fritz von Runte. The original music used in the movie Bowie2001 A Space Oddity and its Mixpiece. Complete unmixed full length new versions of classic songs, spanning Bowie’s vast discography. The CD and Remix Bundle come with exclusive bonus tracks.